Laptop Computer vs Desktop Computer: What is better?

Many people are wondering if laptop computers or desktop computers are better. This is a difficult question to answer because what is best for one person might not be the best for another person. There are benefits to both types of computers,Laptop Computer vs Desktop Computer: What is better? Articles but there is also an undeniable difference between them that you should consider before making your decision. Desktop machines usually cost less than laptops and they are easier to upgrade. Laptops such as Lenovo computers in Sri Lanka, on the other hand, offer mobility which can make it more convenient in some situations, like when you need to travel often with your computer or take it into work with you every day, for example.


Laptops are more portable and can all about laptops2 be carried around with ease

These days many jobs require people to be on the move, which means they need a computer that is easy for them to take along with them. A desktop machine would not work as well in this situation because it is too large or heavy, so laptops are better suited for these types of situations altogether.


Many people need to travel overseas, or around the country in order to carry out their jobs, or as we saw during the global Covid-19 pandemic, new work culture was born with the “work from home” policy. Travelling with a desktop computer is not as easy as travelling with a laptop. Laptops do not take up much space and they can easily be carried in a bag or even your pocket, which desktops definitely cannot do. In addition to this, laptops are also great for entertainment purposes such as watching movies or streaming TV shows. If you want to watch something on a bigger screen, all you need to do is connect your laptop to an external monitor and you are good to go. Desktop computers usually come with one built-in screen and that is it; if you want more screens then you will have to purchase them separately, which can get expensive.